During This Time in History

Most of Jeffrey D Brown’s 35-year career in media-related industries (publishing, advertising, music, tradeshows and events) has been spent developing entrepreneurial ventures or in corporate marketing and sales management. At the same time, he tackles creative challenges as a publisher, designer, developer and writer. He is known for contributing an effective (and unique) combination of experience, talent, skill, and of course, humor… attributes that are not often packaged together.


For over 10 years, Jeffrey D Brown has served as a retained media and marketing consultant for a number of prominent organizations in Southern California and across the country, and is an independent media designer, developer and producer. Contact him for meaningful discussion and availability (if any).

With a long history of involvement in the Guitar Universe, Jeff is the founder and managing director of GuitarPR.com, a focused PR/marketing firm for guitar-related businesses and is a partner in Six String Logic, LLC, a new guitar education company.

In 2012, he formed TrueMarket Group to offer a uniquely integrated array of threaded services that support a wide variety of goals and objectives, all related to generating profitable revenues. Its creative approach connects internal processes with external impressions resulting in holistic effectiveness and efficiency… all in one paragraph.

Recently in the Past

From 2004 through much of 2006, Jeff was the Advertising Director of Clinical Lab Products magazine, originally a property of Medical World Communications prior to its acquisition by Ascend Media.

During the summer of 2001, Jeff began focusing much of his attention on developing innovative media and marketing platforms for the tradeshow and event industry as Founder and CEO of AttendSource, Inc.

Before All of That

From early 1996 through mid-2001, Jeff held senior level positions with CMP Media Healthcare Group (originally CME, Inc. acquired by Miller-Freeman in 1999).

As Group Publisher, Jeff lead the development and launch of two new magazines (Medicine & Behavior and Geriatric Times), as well as the rapid growth of Psychiatric Times, the number one publication in its field, which saw advertising sales rise from $1.3M in 1996 to $3.6M in 2000.

As Director of Sales, Jeff was responsible for initiating over one hundred medical education meetings, symposia, events and related projects with support and sponsorship from major pharmaceutical companies resulting in over $22 million in combined sales.

Jeff’s leadership role included developing and managing the company’s exhibition business for its proprietary tradeshows and conferences including the U.S Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress and the U.S. Geriatric & Long Term Care Congress. During his tenure, exhibit sales alone increased over 500%.

And Then There Was This

Prior to his employment with CMP Media (and CME, Inc.), Jeff held senior publishing positions with several high-tech magazine groups including OnLine Design and Computer Currents.

During the 1980’s, he was an executive and principal in the advertising and music publishing industries. As a partner in Professional Music Products, Inc. (PMP), Jeff, along with Leon White and William Perry built the company into the leader in contemporary guitar education before it was sold to Belwin-Mills in 1982.

But Most Importantly

Jeff is the proud father of a talented 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 year-old son (a well-known personality in his own right). What a kid (and always will be)!

Jeff has been playing the guitar longer than he’ll admit to (because he started very young), and he’s not a bad cook. For more information… just ask!