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A New World is Coming

on December 14, 2014 New Projects with 0 comments

Here’s the opening for a new project I’ve been working on for about six months that we will be launching in January, 2015. There is a new world coming… Positivity World. Stay in touch and find out more on Facebook and Twitter.

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Going Over the Holiday Cliff

on December 5, 2014 Good Advice and Tags: , with 0 comments

Wow… They’re back! Like clockwork. We know they’re coming… we just don’t ever think they’re going to be here this quickly. But we are in the thick of it… and there’s no going back now.. even if we wanted to. Yes, the Holidays are a wonderful time of peace, joy, reflection, food, drink and excessive […]

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Politics (Not) As Usual

on June 2, 2012 Politics with 0 comments

I’m often asked about my political views and occasionally encouraged to get into some kind of political debate. Just for the record, I don’t engage in political debate. I’m officially a definitive independent. I have strong, principled views but I’m neither left, nor right. My direction of choice is… UP. Like many today, I see […]

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Big Question of the Day

on September 9, 2011 Politics with 1 comment

What’s wrong with this picture? With all of the political wrangling going on these days and the specter of ever-increasing vitriol and polarization coming our way in very high doses, I’ve decided to add a little intrigue to the mix with a simple, yet thought-provoking question for our times. If you can answer this question… […]

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Need a Few Names?

on July 13, 2011 Good Advice, Web Products with 0 comments

I was comping up an event program for a client last night and needed to generate a long list of random names quickly. My experience (possibly like yours) is that you can find almost anything on the Web. Not kidding. So here are two related sites produced by some guy named Joe Apple that really […]

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