So, you should remember that in the previous posts, I’ve been talking briefly about the formula I use and encourage clients to use anytime they’re dealing with anything having to do with marketing and sales. It is very simple, and very powerful. And once again to review, The 3 C’s are simply:

  • Capture the Attention
  • Convey the Message
  • Compel the Action

In the last post, I talked a bit about Capturing the Attention. If you missed it, I suggest you go back and read it first. Here, we’re going to look at Conveying the Message.

I want to reiterate something I say a lot. I’m participating in the Race to Simplicity, which by the way, will apparently not be broadcast on ESPN this year. I not sure why. It’s kind of a shame. But you will be hearing me use derivatives of the word simple a lot in these posts because I’ve made it part of my thought process. It’s like an “app that’s always on.” When things appear to be getting over-complicated, the app chimes in (literally) and informs me of the state of my thinking and suggests a pathway to Resimplication, which, by the way is the current title of my book coming out next year (or later, whichever comes first).

So how do you convey the message? It’s Simple. Remember, I like sets of three. So here they are:

  • Be direct
  • Be brief
  • Get to the point

There’s no order to those. You just have to do them all. But in this case, there is actually a fourth item that is separate because it’s as important as all three of those put together and that is – Be relevant.

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking “isn’t that obvious?” Isn’t there more? Is that all there is? And those may seem like reasonable questions. But again, remember, I talked a lot on Guitar Business Radio about foundations and foundational stuff. And that’s a lot of what this is right now – is building a thoughtful foundation – where you install these very basic ideas into your thinking on a regular basis. Over time, that’s going to reduce the number of times you have to stop and go back to square one because you didn’t build the process on a solid foundation.

I can assure you that I can get much deeper into the weeds on these ideas and I may a bit later. Right now, however, I’d like for you to just work at embedding these simple ideas into your thinking. Don’t over-complicate it.

One of many, many things of value I’ve learned from a great teacher of mine in my later life is something that has given me an understanding of how knowledge and expertise, if you will, is gained. It is always Gradual, Sequential and Cumulative. That’s why it’s important, in my view, to frequently stop what we’re doing and reflect on what we’ve learned, and from where we’ve come so that we can be inspired by our own growth and accomplishment, whatever it is. It’s a magnificent feeling. You should try it.

In the next post, I’ll talk more about the third C – Compelling the Action. You know, like read the next post to find out more.

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