Much of what I’ve been talking about may seem very general to some of you. And that’s one way of looking at it, but as I’ve said many times, I think of it as foundational. It’s the stuff you build your business (or personal life in some cases) on top of. These are reference points that you call up on a regular basis to help with decision-making, problem-solving and generally having better results with more positive outcomes.

What I’m not doing is giving you information on how to build your product better or perform your particular service more efficiently. You already either know how to do that, or something within or available to you does and you just have to unlock it and reveal it. More importantly, what I can do for you here is give you basic tools and ideas you can use to facilitate that process. You know the old story about offering someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and feed them for a lifetime? Well, that’s kind of the model.

In our business at GuitarPR, we do go a lot deeper into specific situations and apply these same principles for our clients and their particular objectives, but you can use these methods yourself. And if you’ve been following along, you’ve heard me talk a lot about The 3 C’s, our simple checkbox formula for dealing with any marketing or sales related activity. And again, just to review… The 3 C’s are:

  • Capture the Attention
  • Convey the Message
  • Compel the Action

So, I want to go a bit further on a couple points today on how we actually implement the formula. I’ve always given this to you in the order in which the process typically executes starting with Capture the Attention, or top down. And I’m talking about when the activity is presented to the market in finished form, whatever that is. Most of time, however, when we’re doing the planning or creative work on this, we’re working in reverse order or bottom up.

We start with what action we want to compel. But now let me add another piece into the equation. We can also equate “Action” in some cases with a different term and that is “Result” or “Results.” There can be a distinction between Action and Results where the Action contributes to or facilitates the Results. When we’re working in the development stage, we may be asking “What Result or Results do we want to achieve and then, with that understanding, what Action or Actions will be required to make that happen?

So, continuing to work in reverse, we then ask what Message or Messages are likely to Compel the Action needed to achieve the result. And finally, all the way back to the top – How can we best Capture the Attention that will allow us to properly convey the message?

Remember, this is a formula, or a framework of sorts to work from. And it’s universal in nature so it works across the board. And because it’s very simple, it’s easy to implement. That does not mean, however, that it automatically generates the answers to the questions you’ll come up against in the process. That may take some work and some trial and error, which remember, is R&D. Nonetheless, it will make the overall job easier and improve your odds of success.

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