“There’s a distinct difference between off the shelf and custom built… between static and dynamic… between fixed and adjustable. The difference is the fit.”

– Jeffrey D Brown

One Size Fits Nothing

“One method doesn’t sell the store, one skill doesn’t complete the project, one approach doesn’t build an organization. My experience in the world of business development and marketing communications, combined with a toolbox of creative talents delivers a combo plate designed for generating revenue, building value, and contributing to the positive culture of the organization… all in one sentence.”

Media Developer and Designer

“With 40+ years as a designer starting in traditional media (at a very young age), and over 20+ years in web development and production, my focus is always on intersecting style and functionality with the end result firmly in mind. Clean lines and pixel perfect detail are the hallmark of my work.” (Learn more about TrueMarket Group)


“With over 20+ years experience as a working publisher in both print and online media, my track record includes new business development and sales management in advertising, sponsorships, exhibition space, medical education events and media projects. My understanding of related operational and financial issues along with excellent sales and people skills has created long-lasting, fruitful relationships with clients and colleagues. Mostly.”


“As a producer, I extend creative energy, innovative processes and an occasional humorous anomaly to the development, production and delivery of online and print media as well as commercial, educational and special events (major sports programming, Broadway plays and epic feature films not included at this time). I have been involved in the sales, creation, development and management of hundreds of online properties, magazines and events.” (Learn more about GUITARpr)


“As a creative writer with a slightly off-beat style and demeanor, I have carved a strategic audience path that stretches from coast to coast, across town and around the Universe for over 40+ years. Hey… I’m writing this as you read it.” (Learn more about GBR)

Marketing & Sales Guy

“I have always made an effort to avoid the stereotype behaviors in sales and marketing management. Achieving goals, accomplishing objectives, hitting the numbers… these should occur naturally as a byproduct of the culture, the opportunity, the attention paid to the worth of the individual and the knowledge of the value each person brings to the organization and thus, themselves. I’ve never heard a sales manager recite these words… ever.” (Learn more about Guitar Business Sales)

The Toolbox

“In a custom-built, monogrammed leather and titanium case, I carry with me a unique array of creative and technical skills that, when mixed strategically with equal parts of experience, knowledge, humor, articulation and sensible behavior… offer extraordinary outcomes that are sure to impress even the cynical among us.”

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