In case you hadn’t noticed, everything is new here… superficially that is. Some stuff is just new in that it has been modified or re-characterized (which apparently is not a word because the spell checker made me hyphe-nate it). Nonetheless (which should not be a word but it is), for purposes of this discussion, everything is new (generally speaking).

What’s different about this site now is that I am no longer promoting client business here except to redirect it to our proper entity, TrueMarket Group. That’s actually a big change considering I’ve been at it here for nearly 20 years. Still, this change had been in the planning stages (in my head) for a long time (which is code for “I can’t remember how long”). So why now you ask?

Happy New Year! Yes, once again it’s the changing of the calendar year which is an artificial milestone marker we’ve created to try to help us make needed changes in our personal world. And, of course… this is my world. So why not? Plus, I had some time over the holidays to spend some productive quality time pursuing clarity in my empire (just upgraded from world). So that’s what this is all about… Clarity.

Now that I’ve reached the prime of middle age (an idea many my age would scoff at), I’m embarking on a journey that includes mostly things I want to do (a novel concept, eh?). Now that’s not to say I’m backing away from my other business activities and professional interests. It’s just that I’m trying to carve out some time to pursue a variety of creative endeavors like podcasting, writing, music and others to be determined. It’s all stuff I’ve done for years, but with little focus.

So why red, you ask? Well, it’s different and it’s something I picked on the fly as I was reworking the site. Generally I don’t overthink stuff like that. I just go with my instincts and let it evolve as I go, always keeping my eye on the bigger destination. Coincidentally, that’s pretty much how I live my life these days.